Roof Restoration

Cost-Effective, Sustainable, and Energy Efficient

The good news for some building owners is that it is possible to restore their existing roof with a durable, glossy, seamless membrane that seals and protects against water, ultraviolet light, and severe weather.

In addition to leak protection, restoration coatings are reflective in nature. Unlike most roofing systems, which absorb ultraviolet rays, restoration coatings are highly reflective, dramatically lowering the temperature of the underlying roof substrate and interior temperatures. Additionally, equipment installed on the roof will operate at reduced temperatures, further extending the life of the roof. All of these factors reduce HVAC loads, which saves energy usage and expense.

Other benefits include:

  • No tear-offs required
  • Installed while occupants are in the building
  • No new insulation required
  • No lifting of AC units
  • No raising of drains

Restoration Coating Process

  • Research history of roof
  • Inspect existing roof system
  • Identify all roofing problems
  • Repair membrane & seam deviations
  • Prepare & wash existing roof surface
  • Apply restoration coating
  • Inspect entire roof to ensure compliance with manufacturer’s specifications
  • Obtain manufacturer’s warranty and issue to building owner

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