Vital Elements Connected To Flat Roof Functionality

Any of Tampa’s amazing physical therapists will tell you that your body is a finely tuned, balanced system. When one little part — your lower back, an ankle, or a hamstring — goes out, your whole body gets out of whack. The same is true of your commercial flat roof. It is an integrated system of many interconnected parts, and each part has a role to play in keeping your Tampa business dry, climate-controlled, and safe.

S is for Scuppers

The parapet scuppers (those openings that allow water to drain off your not-quite-flat roof) must be kept clear and free-flowing, so Tampa’s strong storms do not overwhelm your roof.

Scuppers and internal drains allow wastewater to flow quickly off the roof and away from your building’s foundations. This has several positive effects:

  • Foundations stay dry, tight and strong
  • Roof surfaces dry quickly
  • Water has no time to pond

Clean scuppers are key to keeping your commercial building dry and at the ideal humidity.

S is Also for Seams

If your roofing material has seams, you have only two options for keeping them sealed:

  1. Heat — Heat-sealed seams are strong, waterproof, and long-lasting if done correctly; deferred maintenance or poor installation workmanship can spell trouble
  2. Chemicals — Adhesives will hold the seams together only if the correct adhesive, specific for the roofing material, is used

Increased interior humidity and higher energy bills are typical problems rooted in open seams.

B is for Built-Up Roofing

One of the longest-lasting and economical roofing solutions for many Tampa commercial properties is built-up roofing (BUR). Unlike a PVC membrane, BUR is itself an integrated system of layers. Therefore, BUR requires some special care.

Experts at Facilities Net identify several common problems a strong commercial roofer will spot (and solve) quickly:

  • Alligatoring — When the asphalt used in the various layers begins to shrink, alligatoring (crazing) can occur; as these worsen, splits in membrane can cause water leaks
  • Blisters — Trapped moisture beneath the top surface causes blisters; remove the moisture and the blisters can be patched
  • Ridges — Damaged insulation below the BUR layers can separate from those layers, which expand and contract with Tampa’s volatile temperatures

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