How Roof Maintenance Proves Its Worth

After any winter, even the relatively mild winters we experience here in Tampa, every home needs a good spring cleaning. But what about your roof? Is that something you have ever thought of cleaning? Maintaining your Tampa-area home’s roof is vital (it covers the rest of nearly everything you own, after all), but your safety is vital, too. Avoid spring cleaning your roof; enlist the help of a local residential roofer instead.

Spring Roof Maintenance

Not just a roof cleaning, but real roof maintenance, is needed after a harsh winter. Even if Tampa never experienced a below-freezing night, your roof still took a beating from winds, driven rain, and fluctuating temperatures.

Fiberglass-asphalt shingles can suffer from wind uplift, curling and cracking in response to changes in wind direction. Water can get driven up under shingles, to seep into sheathing through the slightest tear or hole in your underlayment.

Spanish or flat tiles can also allow leaks after a rough winter. Blunt objects — a wind-borne tree branch, a wayward, wind-lifted lawn decoration — can hit the tiles, cracking them or dislodging them.

Even tough, durable metal roofing can get hail damage or wind forces that twist and dent the metal. All roofs should have a good spring inspection and basic maintenance.

Do It Yourself?

Not even a one-story house is a good candidate for owner-performed roof maintenance. No responsible roofing contractor will ever recommend that amateurs climb onto potentially slick, algae-covered roofs. An extension ladder will only allow you a few feet of access to the leading edge of a roof, minimizing the usefulness of doing the roof maintenance yourself.

A better option is to engage the services of a professional roofing contractor. A brief visit around your schedule is generally all that is needed to inspect, maintain and perform small repairs on your roof.

What’s It Worth?

Your Tampa home holds possessions and family treasures near and dear to your heart. It gives shelter and comforts. Risking it by ignoring roof maintenance is not a wise strategy. The minimal cost of roof maintenance by a professional roofer is money well spent.

A quick call to Aderhold Roofing can connect you with acknowledged residential roofing experts able to provide expert roof maintenance. Our trained representatives can inspect your Tampa-area home’s roof, provide a realistic assessment of its current condition, and outline a plan to repair and maintain it. Contact Aderhold Roofing today!

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