Uncommon Signs of a Roof Leak to Look For

Usually, roof leaks can be easily seen. When there is water dripping on the walls or ceiling, you can easily tell that there are signs of a roof leak. There are some roof leaks that aren’t so easy to spot. There are different kinds of roof leaks, and you have to be able to detect them as soon as possible before they can cause any serious damage. Normally, visible damages are the easiest kind of signs that your roof is leaking. However, there are other signs that you need to pay attention to.

Presence of Mold Growth

One of the first signs of a roof leak is evidence of water damage. If you see a wet spot on your wall or ceiling, check for signs of mold growth. This is most likely the case if the area is also damp or stinking. Look out for areas with discoloration, which might be signs of mold or mildew. Other signs of leaks include evidence of water seeping through the ceiling and around the flashing around the building or discoloration.

Severe Shedding

This might seem like a strange sign of a roof leak, but it’s actually a very common problem for older buildings. Shedding is caused by the roofing materials that have been deteriorating over time. The more the materials have started to deteriorate, the more severe the shed will be as well. If you notice pieces of your roof, including shingles or asphalt granules, shedding, it is a sign that you might have a roof leak.

Condensation on the Wall

If you find dampness or condensation on your walls or ceilings, this can mean that the leak is in one of your roofing materials. For example, if you find that your roofing material is rotten, then this is usually a sign of a leaky ceiling. Other signs of a roofing issue include spots where the ceiling has lifted, signs of excess dirt (not because of a lack of cleaning), or spots that have sunk into the roof.

Bad Odor

When you walk into a building, you may not notice much at first, but over time you will likely notice an unpleasant musty smell. This is most commonly found in basements and attics and is one of the most common signs of a leak. However, there are also instances where the smell just never goes away.

If you notice any of these signs of a roof leak, it is important to have it inspected to stop the leak as soon as possible. Otherwise, more property damage can occur. If you have questions about commercial roof leak repair in Tampa, contact the commercial roof leak specialists in Tampa at Aderhold Roofing.

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