What is Assessed During a Commercial Roof Assessment?

When you have a new building constructed, it will be inspected. The assessment not only clears the building for use according to government regulations but also lets you know that you have a quality roof that is free from problems that could be expensive to fix. There are several factors that go into a roofing assessment that you should be aware of. Here is what is assessed during a commercial roof assessment.


The assessment usually starts with a review of the construction documents, including the permits needed to build the roof. This is to ensure that the roof was built by a licensed roofing contractor in Tampa according to regulations and the roof’s design. If the roof does not pass inspection, that means that the building may be off-limits until it is fixed for the safety of everyone involved. Make sure that the company that you choose pulls the permits before doing work. Otherwise, you may face legal issues even after the construction is finished.


When commercial roofing assessments are completed, they should determine if there is a danger of leaks or other water intrusion issues. After all, leaks in any type of roof can create significant damage to the structure as well as any stored items below them. In fact, a significantly-sized roof leak that goes undetected and unfixed for too long can compromise the structural integrity of a building and lead to it being condemned.

One area that receives a great deal of water leakage is the building envelope. The building envelope assessment will determine if there are cracks, openings, or missing insulation in the building envelope. This is especially critical for those buildings that have single walls, multiple roofs, or are on the bottom of a hill because all of these areas can be highly affected by water penetration.

Structural Design and Execution

The assessment looks for various design issues. If a roof is designed properly according to the standards of commercial roof waterproofing in Tampa, then it should not have structural problems that can lead to water buildup or other problems. The assessment also ensures that the roof was built to exacting specifications for quality. No matter how well a roof is designed, building it below quality standards will lead to problems with your roof later. Catching these types of problems early can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing a problem that will be expensive to fix later.

Commercial roof assessments are absolutely necessary for any business that has a roof system. Having a professional commercial roof assessment conducted on your building can help save you thousands of dollars on future roof repairs and replacements. If you have questions about commercial roofing assessment and commercial roof waterproofing in Tampa, schedule a consultation with Aderhold Roofing.

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