Red Flags Your Roofer Might be a Storm Chaser

Tampa’s strong storms bring out the best in people. They also, unfortunately, bring out the worst sorts of people: storm chasers, who prey on businesses big and small to turn a fast buck. Learn to recognize and avoid Tampa commercial roofing companies whose only goal is not to perform proper storm repair but to rip you off.

Check the Address

The fastest way to spot a storm chaser specializing in commercial roofing is to ask for a local address. Most roofing companies trying to cut corners and capitalize on insurance payouts travel with the storms. They have no local address, no ties to the community, and no local crews. Instead, they come in, promise complete storm repair, take what they can get from your insurance company, and depart. Left behind is a substandard roofing repair that will not last as long as the quality job a local, reputable roofer can provide.

Check the Trucks

Out of state license plates on the contractor’s equipment are warning signs you may be dealing with a storm chaser. In Tampa commercial roofing, most local contractors know each other and compete fairly and honestly; we recognize out-of-towners right away. What our customers do not recognize in these storm-chasing Tampa commercial roofing hucksters is the quick, unprofessional repair work they do. Only after the out-of-state trucks and their hodge-podge crews roll out of town will you start to notice open seams, unsecured flashing, or other problems from their fast roofing repair work.

Check the License

Storm chasers spin a story too good to be true: they offer to perform the Tampa commercial roofing repair you need with no out-of-pocket expenses to your company. You file the insurance claim, they collect the payout, and you (seemingly) pay nothing. This is just wrong because the best local Tampa roofers will work with your insurer but that still leaves you with a deductible to pay. Avoid this hassle with storm chasers by asking to see their Florida contractors license. Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation maintains a searchable database that makes finding reputable roofers, like Aderhold Roofing, easy to look up and confirm. Avoid storm chasers. Engage the services of a reliable, local roofer with years of experience in Tampa commercial roofing. Contact us at Aderhold Roofing today and let us help you protect your business, its roof, and your company’s future.